1. About a part of items, why the price in item page different from the price in search result?

difference of prices

A part of store sellers takes consumption tax.

We display the peice include tax in item page, but search page can't discriminate that the seller takes tax or not because of Yahoo! Auction system.

2. How does it calculate domestic delivery fee?

We calculate it by Hako-boon delivery fee, it's cheapest shipping method in Japan now.

Please check Hoko-boon official page here.

3. How does it calculate EMS fee?

We calculate it by EMS official page.

Please check it here.

4. How does it calculate EMS insurance fee?

We calculate it by EMS official page too.

Please check it here.

5. What is PayPal fee?

PayPal takes 3.9% of total amount and 40JPY for each payment from overseas to Japanese account.

Please check it here.(It's only in Japanese.)

Other questions?

Please contact us here.

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